Chieh-Yang Huang 黃介揚

I am currently a first-year Ph.D. student in College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST), Penn State University. I am a research assistant in Dr. Kenneth Huang's amazing CrowdAI Lab, working on CrowdSourcing, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing projects. My work mainly focuses on building tools to help human's day-to-day life, especially writing and language-related works.

CV / Resume
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PhD in Informatics
2019 - present.
PhD in CS
2017 - 2018. (Transferred)
BS in EE
2010 - 2014



Just passed the qualifying exam!
We released CODA-19, a human-annotation dataset on COVID-19 related papers that labels five aspects (Background, Purpose, Method, Finging, and Other) for each sentence.
Our paper, Heteroglossia: In-Situ Story Ideation with the Crowd, got accepted by CHI 2020!
I will attend AAAI 2020 @New York, NY, USA.
I will attend HCIC 2019 @San Jose, CA, USA.
I will attend ACL 2019 @Florence, Italy.
Our paper, From Receptive to Productive: Learning to Use Confusing Words through Automatically Selected Example Sentences, has been accepted by BEA 14 co-located with ACL 2019 @ Florence.
Our short paper, Visual Story Post-Editing, has been accepted by ACL 2019.